Exceeding Expectations going above and beyond!

Barrington Marson Productions LLC.

BARRINGTON MARSON PRODUCTIONS LLC. opened its doors as an Atlanta Production company in 2007. As a young company, we bring a fresh, innovative approach to the Atlanta video production market and beyond. We give each and every project a creative edge and adaptable artistic style that will not be found elsewhere. At the same time we are grounded, creative minds with a business edge to deliver professional, efficient video production.

Barrington Marson Productions  produces superior quality High Definition content for commercials, Feature film, Documentaries, Promotional videos, Corporate Events, Independent short-films, Training videos, Marketing videos, Customer testimonials, DVD production. No matter what the project, we want to create something that our clients will be excited to watch and share with others.


We often ask ourselves that same question. Not because we doubt our work, but because we are constantly evaluating our processes and systems to make sure that we are delivering the best video production in Atlanta, GA.  We are on a quest for excellence, and we put our all into every project, regardless of budget. We know that our clients trust us to take their project to the next level, so we work meticulously to achieve those difficult shots and make sure that our work is superior.


In addition to our experience and video production skills, all of our best ideas are at your disposal. Our goal is the same as yours: to create the best possible video to exceed expectations and prove effective for the intended purpose. We look forward to learning about your vision for your video production and collaborating with you to achieve it.


Every aspect of our company is rooted in trust and responsibility, and that carries over to our professional appearance. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of dignity in both speech, manner and attire at all times – whether we are in front of clients, our clients’ clients, or just around the office. We not only represent Barrington Marson Productions, but in many cases, we are a reflection of our clients. We are very serious about upholding not only our images and ideals but our clients’ as well.